Allison L. (Excessive Barking)

Jon, Speckles has been AMAZING. I had my DIL Lauren come to be a volunteer. She came in and Speckles did bark. Told her Ah Ah and she stopped barking and let Lauren pet her and she licked her hand. She did have some barking in between the petting & licking. But just a few times. Lots of praise when she stopped. Lauren was even good about the praise when she stopped. She barked when she left. But with a little calm command she stopped.

She has been rather calm since you left yesterday. I thought it was just me but Bill thought she was too. We are so amazed….. for no reason just telling her “Good Girl!” I’ll get with you later on about next week. Just so happy with the progress she has made. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

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