Local Rescues Are Doing Their Part,
But They NEED Your HELP!

Please Volunteer and Please Always Rescue!
If you love dogs, do yourself a favor and go volunteer at a shelter, any shelter! If you are considering getting a dog - PLEASE ALWAYS RESCUE!!!

ADOPTIONS: 352.373.5855
THRIFT STORE: 352.373.9522
SPAY/NEUTER: 352.376.6647

5403 SW Archer Rd, Gainesville, FL 32608
(352) 692-4773

Phone: (352) 478-1444

5231 SW 91st Drive
Gainesville, FL 32608
(352) 505-0302

Alachua County is fortunate to have a very robust, committed and tireless community of amazing people who staff the many non-profit shelters in the area and foster dogs in their homes. These shelters and foster homes work very hard together, in order to make sure that no dog goes uncared for or unnoticed, and they all do an awesome job of getting large numbers of dogs (and cats) adopted out every single month.

When it comes time for you to bring a dog (or cat) in to your home, please call to set up an appointment at one of the wonderful rescues we have listed here, or simply head out to Alachua County Animal Services first, and check out the absolutely amazing dogs there that are waiting every single day to go home... forever...

All these shelters need volunteers, especially Alachua County Animal Services (ACAS) and Alachua County Humane Society. If you love dogs and really want to make a difference in the lives of not just one, but many dogs, please call and volunteer.

Over-population is the primary reason so many dogs end up in shelters. NoMore Homeless Pets has a very affordable spay/neuter program. Please spay or neuter!

Last, but definitely not least, please donate when you can, it really does make a difference!