Oscar and Harper:
Working On Puppy Training Basics

– By Jon Wedemeyer
June 11, 2018


Oscar/Harper are two 6.5 m/o M/F, S/N Hound/Mix litter-mates who are happy, healthy puppies and have presented with no concerning behavioral issues aside from normal puppy issues such as biting, jumping, chewing, obsessive licking, sitting on the couch, pulling on lead and general non-compliance. Caretaker is seeking basic puppy-training and guidance on further training.

Oscar/Harper are very well cared-for, very sweet dogs who want to please and they live in an amazing, safe, loving environment. Caretaker has already worked on numerous commands and they selectively respond. Daughter is very intuitive and will be a great asset in helping train both dogs. Because of their breed, they are very energetic, and although their behaviors are somewhat problematic, they are in no way extreme or abnormal for dogs of their age, or indicative of any other concerning underlying behavioral issues or conditions.

– Work on “look at me” and “come” commands @ home with treats and praise as reward.
– Primary goal is to establish a leadership role with both dogs and nurture that with rewards, praise and encouragement. You ARE the parent/leader and they need to follow your lead and your requests. Puppies learn by correction from their mother/litter-mates, they can NOT rule the home and do whatever they want and you have to give CALM/FIRM corrections, but never be harsh or angry in your corrections.
– Integrate the entire family in the training process. Engage in play, but control the play.
– Use any opportunity you see to calmly, firmly command them to do something, with hand cues and the “traffic-cop” fingers or hand signal.
– Turn your back to keep them from jumping. Use “OFF” command, the traffic-cop hand signal and a firm “eh-eh!” when they begin to jump up
– Make them look to you as the leader and in control, but not a dominating figure, this is what they rebel against.
– Remember to always praise Oscar/Harper the second they begin to perform any behavior you are asking them to. This tells them that is what you wanted them to do and reinforces compliance with the behavior.
– Smile wide and clap hands, give, “Good Girl”, “Good Boy”, “Good Job” and pat their shoulders, ears and chest. This all builds confidence and their bond with you.
– Always watch your tone of voice and never sound angry – you can sound disappointed and surprised, but never angry, this weakens your bond and their confidence.

Please don’t hesitate to call, email or text me with any questions or concerns, and please schedule a follow-up whenever needed. I look forward to seeing you guys again soon.

Thank you!

Jon Wedemeyer

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